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Industrial Wood Engraving System

A ‘Woodengraved’ engraving machine is a extremely valuable asset to anyone wishing to produce engraved wooden signs.

With a woodengraved machine an unskilled operator is able to produce quality signs at a rate that is unequalled by any other wood engraving machine.

‘Woodengraved’ engraving machines are completely designed and built in Australia (router excepted).

‘Woodengraved’ engraving machines have been designed over a period of years by the people who use them. For this reason they have emerged as the most functional and practical machines on the market. There is a view shared by organisations around Australia who use ‘Woodengraved’ machines and claim production rate increases up to 500%.


The templates for the ” Woodengraved” engraving machine allow signs to be produced with ease and at an unrivalled rate.


Each character is an individual template.

Each template includes the spacing required by the character on that particular template. Therefore, the template layout for a sign may be completed and ready for engraving, in as little as 2-3 minutes.

All characters are engraved on templates of the same height, where possible, and share a common base line. This allows characters of different sizes to be setup together on the same line.

“Woodengraved” templates are produced by computer. A wide selection of fonts and international symbols are currently on disk, therefore, the size and number of individual templates you require can be customer made to your exact requirements.

Almost anything that can be drawn can be made into a template, such as Council Emblems, Logos, Symbols, even customised fonts. A drawing is simply digitised into the computer and saved on disk. Once on disk it may be reproduced as a template of almost any size, whenever you require.

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