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Owner and Staff

In 1986, I  was looking for a new job to further my career. With already having 10 years’ experience and with the help and assistance of family and friends, I was able to set up Warringah Aluminium Pty Ltd.

Once I set up Warringah Aluminium Pty Ltd in Brookvale, I was able to operate it on my own for the first 6 months, building and creating a strong and viable clientele, which eventually prompted me to employ additional staff.

Since then and over the past 26 years, I have been able to employ 8 full time staff, which in turn has enabled me to have a great business by helping customers with a large variety of metalwork ideas and ensuring that the customers best interest are always at heart.

See for yourself. Please look through our website at the vast array of ideas that we can produce for you. Please give our friendly staff a call with any ideas for any job that you may wish to undertake, to enable us to give you the best possible help for your requirements.

Val Vujadinovich
Managing Director


Call David now on (02) 9938 6144.


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